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Benefits of FCP

What are the benefits of FCP?

Our FCP service has many benefits including:

  • Quick access to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of many musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Waiting times for patients are shorter, so they can be seen quicker.
  • Appointments are longer and more thorough with an MSK specialist.
  • Improves patient care, patients feel listened to, understood and re-assured of their condition.
  • Short-term issues are treated faster and therefore can reduce the risk of becoming persistent.
  • Chronic issues can be discussed with a specialist and the patient can understand the condition and lifestyle changes that can help improve it.
  • Reduces the pressure on GP surgeries and their wait times.
  • Can improve overall outcomes and service satisfaction for all patients.
  • Patients can get advice from a qualified physiotherapist to improve their lifestyle.

Our award-winning FCPs support PCNs and GP Federations all over England.

With PCN partnerships from Cornwall to Durham, Weston-Super-Mare to Southwold, our network of specialist physiotherapists operate face-to-face or remotely depending on your local needs.

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