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FCP support to Primary Care

Proud to support Primary Care by reducing frontline pressure and improving patient experience

Our award-winning First Contact Physiotherapists support PCNs and GP Federations. Our support is focused on reducing pressure on front-line doctors and practice nurses, ensuring patients can see a musculoskeletal specialist within hours of contacting the surgery.


Experience and expertise

Having provided first contact physiotherapy since 2016 (initially a CCG trial), we consider ourselves to have great expertise in the delivery of our FCP service. This depth of experience has allowed us to successfully partner with over 190 primary care networks. Currently, we provide FCP services for over 1,000 GP practices covering over 6 million patients.  

About FCP

Leading national provider of fully managed FCP services

Pure Physiotherapy

Why use FCPs?

Musculoskeletal FCPs form part of NHS England’s long-term plan to:

  • Reduce the burden on GPs for patients with MSK complaints
  • Streamline the MSK pathway
  • Enable ‘right person, right place, first time’
  • Make it easier for patients to access specialist MSK knowledge and skills

Did you know MSK conditions make up to a third of a GP’s caseload?! FCPs help to alleviate that pressure on GPs and front line staff.

Benefits of FCP

  • Quick access to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of many MSK conditions
  • Waiting times for patients are shorter, so they can be seen quicker
  • Appointments are longer and more thorough with MSK specialists
  • Improved patient care – so patients feel listened to, understood and re-assured of their condition

Why Choose Pure Physiotherapy?

Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)

The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) has been introduced by the NHS to support workforce planning within primary care. The additional roles that fall under the ARRS are physiotherapists, clinical pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physician associates, dieticians, podiatrists, occupational therapists, community paramedics, nursing associates and trainee nursing associates, social prescribing link workers, health care coordinators and health and wellbeing coaches. Since the rollout of the ARRS, we have been working across the UK with the provision of expert first contact physiotherapists supporting Primary Care Networks.


Our Outcomes

Our average monthly data for patients using FCP:
50,000+ – total appointments (January 2024)
87.6% – self-managed without an onward referral
<5% – require input from GP*

*medical review, medication review, injection therapy or imaging request.


What Do We Provide Our PCN Partners?


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    Our award-winning FCPs support PCNs and GP Federations all over England.

    With PCN partnerships from Cornwall to Durham, Weston-Super-Mare to Southwold, our network of specialist physiotherapists operate face-to-face or remotely depending on your local needs.

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