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The Benefits for Physiotherapists

The benefits for Physiotherapists working in a GP surgery

  • The ability to treat patients before their condition becomes chronic.
  • The ability to treat patients immediately and be the first point of contact.
  • The opportunity to self-manage.
  • The potential for more challenging caseloads due to a wider range of issues.
  • The opportunity for a mixed level of Physiotherapists.
  • The opportunity to progress and develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Utilise other professionals to gain a better understanding of their profession.
  • Collaboration between primary care and physiotherapy.

Our award-winning FCPs support PCNs and GP Federations all over England.

With PCN partnerships from Cornwall to Durham, Weston-Super-Mare to Southwold, our network of specialist physiotherapists operate face-to-face or remotely depending on your local needs.

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