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Video: Alternative models for utilising ARRS funding


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Blog: Alternative models for utilising ARRS funding

In this blog, we explore the alternative models for utilising the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme funding (ARRS), which is currently being provided by NHS England until the 31st of March 2024. Following this date, it is understood that current ARRS funding will be wrapped into the core funding for PCN’s and GP practices. There has been a lot of discussion around this likelihood, and it is largely accepted that the ARRS funding level which is utilised in 2023-2024 will set the benchmark for the core funding, which will be allocated to PCN and practices following the end of the ARRS in 2024.


Case Study: Maximising the benefits of First Contact Physiotherapy in Primary Care

In mid-2022 Pure Physiotherapy was approached by a Primary Care Network (PCN) in England with a population of 56,000 patients across 5 GP practices, with a significant geographical spread. This meant that a physical hub model was not appropriate. In addition to this, they had two practices which were very limited in terms of physical space for First Contact Practitioners to work within. The task –  

“create a First Contact Physiotherapy service which would enable rapid access, face-to-face provision, integration with trust/local pathways, and offer education and advice to improve the patient journey with transparency”

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