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Health and Wellbeing Support with Long Term Pain


30% of Primary Care consultations are for MSK, with over 50% Chronic!

We offer long term management of persistent pain, helping with the associated social and health impacts this can have. These services have been running in both the NHS and independent sector for many years. We are proud of our partnerships and the impact we’re able to demonstrate on the individuals who use our services.

Our key focus is to empower people to manage persistent pain in a way which allows them to have control and ownership of the challenges they may face. We work collaboratively to develop progressive strategies through coaching, education and a variety of interventions all focused on maximising individuals’ resilience and ultimately happiness.

Our Focus

Our approach to the management of persistent pain has led us to develop a specialised team of health and wellbeing coaches to deliver a bespoke and individually compiled programme. We know that people with persistent pain are far more likely to struggle to find reliable employment, are more likely to have multiple comorbidities, experience challenges with social isolation, depression, anxiety, obesity and associated health impacts. Our focus is to;

  • Drive to reduce opioids and strong analgesic
  • Deprescribing of opioids and gabapentinoids targets for Primary Care
  • Utilising FCPs and specialist Health and Wellbeing coaching to integrate with local PCN staff and clinical pharmacists
  • NICE also supports a health coaching approach

These programmes work well when combined with first contact physiotherapy, health and well-being coaches, social prescribers, and clinical pharmacists. We help to coordinate and integrate these existing services and demonstrate the impact on patients back to the PCN and practices.

How do we help with long term MSK pressure?


Increase functionality


Maximise patient independence


Develop and integrate with Neighbourhood Teams


Reduce pressure on primary care


Improve self-management of persistent pain

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