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Frailty and Care Home Support


With an ageing population and an increasing expectation for ‘healthy years’ as we age, supporting this challenge is something Pure Physiotherapy is passionate about.

We partner with both NHS and independent organisations in the provision of bespoke programmes for the management of frailty and the risks associated with inactivity, social isolation, muscle loss (sarcopenia), loss of movement in joints, and the increasing risks of falls associated injuries.

We’re very proud of the work we have delivered across the UK and the outcomes of reducing falls risk, improving mental state, and improving physical function and resilience. Our work also shows a sustained improvement in the function of activities of daily living to reduce dependency and immobility.

Our focus is reducing falls risk and improving confidence


Supporting our ageing population


Frailty focus increasing in Primary Care


Huge MSK pressure with an ageing population


Supporting patients with falls risk increase


Functional reduction and dependency


FCP remote, in clinic, and in community coaching approach


Big impact at low cost

Falls prevention

We have specific programs around falls prevention looking at improving specific risk factors of muscular weakness and joint immobility. Our support focuses on the lower limbs in particular, as well as reaction times and strategies to improve people’s confidence and address fear related to falls. Given the significant social and economic burden falls have within the UK, these programmes are highly effective both from a cost and a clinical perspective, reducing the burden on the NHS and substantially improving patients’ quality of life.

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