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FCP Governance Quiz

Take our quiz to see how your FCP provider stacks up


Is your FCP provider delivering the best quality service they can?

Using our 7 years of experience supporting primary care with FCP, and our integration with Health Education England’s governance, we have created this assessment tool to review the quality of service you are receiving.

Take our FCP governance quiz to help evaluate the quality, safety and effectiveness of your current service provider.

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Can your FCP provider demonstrate an audit schedule?

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Do you have contract/service review meetings with your FCP provider on a periodic basis?

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Does your FCP collect patient feedback?

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Does your FCP service collect and report data on appointments and service outcomes?

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Does your FCP receive regular training from the provider?

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Are your FCP staff supported by a senior FCP team lead/regional lead?

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Can your FCP provider supply you with clinical and operational policies?

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Does your FCP provider ensure their staff complete NHS standard Mandatory training?

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Does your FCP provider supply you with evidence of their medical liability insurance?

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Have you been provided with your FCP’s HCPC numbers?

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Does your FCP provider ensure their staff are DBS checked?

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Does your FCP contract outline key service specification and KPI’s?

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Does your FCP provider give clear monthly feedback on clinical outcomes and impact?

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Does your FCP service integrate well into practices, and work collaboratively with your team?

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Do you receive patient feedback from your FCP provider, as stipulated by the HEE roadmaps?

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If you wish to escalate a concern, are you confident you get a robust response within 24 hours?

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Do you feel you have clear and responsive communication with your FCP provider?

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