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Orthopaedic ‘Waiting Well’ Services


We have been fortunate to work with many organisations, both public and private, supporting the management of waiting lists. Success has been seen in the assessment of imaging waiting lists, orthopaedic waiting lists, early discharge, and community management projects.

We continue to work on waiting list management with many of our musculoskeletal pathway partners by bolstering support and offering patients a variety of ways to access musculoskeletal management and ongoing support.

The Challenges

  • Increasing waiting times for orthopaedic lists
  • Progressive issues with weight, mobility, joint range, and independence – all impacting suitability for surgery
  • Increasing attendance in primary care for pain control
  • Increasing need for medical and social care

How we help

  • We provide proactive consultation, advice, and education
  • Group sessions can be delivered to patients with great effect
  • Proven outcomes with increased function, reduced pain, and preparation for surgery
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Gather patient feedback for further reflection and improvement

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