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Occupational Workplace Support

How we help

Pure Physiotherapy has been supporting occupational health clients for over 15 years working in environments from offices to the heavy plant industries. We have a long track record of partnering with providers and directly with businesses to create support packages. This includes rapid access and treatment, as well as ongoing case management to ensure workplaces, employees and employers are supported. Our focus is;

– To support individuals to stay at work
– Reduce time out due to employee
– Reduce the risk of reoccurrence
– Improved productivity for your teams

What we offer


Improved employee support


Less absenteeism for MSK issues


Improved productivity


Improved retention of staff

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    Our award-winning FCPs support PCNs and GP Federations all over England.

    With PCN partnerships from Cornwall to Durham, Weston-Super-Mare to Southwold, our network of specialist physiotherapists operate face-to-face or remotely depending on your local needs.

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